Notes Music
  offer instruction in a wide range of styles for acoustic, electric and bass guitar.  These

include: rock, folk, blues, jazz and classical.  We also cater for all ages, skill levels and refine the

lessons to suit individual needs.  Exams with A.M.E.B or A.N.Z.C.A in either classical or modern syllabus

can be arranged.  Not only do we teach how to play the instrument, we also teach the student about

the different types of guitars , amplifiers and various guitar accessories.

We believe the lessons not only have to fulfil the musical needs of the student but must also be an

enjoyable experience. 

Lessons Includes:

- Plectrum Style

- Finger Picking

- Hybrid Picking

- Tuning

- Chord Strumming

- Reading Music

- Music Theory & Analysis

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