You can meet with us and discuss your needs and expectations. Please call Notes  Music

on 9749 8300 to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Our studio is at  Level 1, 21 Station Place  Werribee Victoria.  Melway 205 K8.


There are four terms in the year.

Most students sit exams once a year. Exams are not compulsory or expected. Notes Music can prepare students for any grade, from Preliminary through grades 1-8 and also for the Associate Diploma, including the corresponding Music Theory.

  • Term lessons are to be paid in advance; if you start mid-way through a term, we will pro-rata this price for your first term. 
  • Extended lessons (45 or 60 min) are available for advanced students or before exams. Additional fees applicable.
  • Full number of lessons during the term is important for good progress and lessons missed for serious reasons such as illness will be gladly replaced if we are notified in advance (the day before, if at all possible).