Music is a universal language and mankind's oldest art form. Even before

a child learns to speak, they learn to communicate and connect with song

and sound.
Children take to music naturally. Their responses to music are

immediate and instinctive.

From the beginning, Notes  Music has understood the contribution that

music makes in children's general education and development. We believe

that in addition to benefits of academic success, children gain pleasure and

self esteem from the sheer joy of being able to play music.

Notes Music  recognises that all children are different and therefore include

an appropriate syllabus and repertoire. Exams  may be offered to students

upon consultation between the teacher and the student/parents, as they

achieve relevant standards.  These are not an expectation and are not


  For more than 20 years Notes Music students have been developing more

than just a love of music - they have developed as skilled musicians and

wonderful people! Notes Music are proud of all their students, and look

forward to assisting many more children learn and love music!

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